The mission of the House of Everyday Learning is to help families reach their full potential within the community through free screenings, individualized programming, group instruction, education, and support.

Core Values


The House of Everyday Learning strives to support and uplift the families with children of all abilities in our community with inclusion, support, and education.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of support services for individuals of all ages and their families to work toward goals for functional, healthy and independent living.

We are a community-based non-profit which serves individuals in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  We provide education, training, and support for individuals and families in order to empower them to better interact and participate within our community.  We strive to overcome the many challenges they face every day, to decrease negative stigma and/or discrimination towards individuals with disabilities.

We work to remove barriers that keep children and families from receiving needed services.  These barriers include, but are not limited to:  program fees, developmental screenings, and distance of services available.

Community Feedback

“The programs offered by the House of Everyday Learning are great.  Finally, the community has an option for family support (specifically in the area of siblings and hopefully one day for grandparents).  So often, we find ourselves alone with no one to bounce ideas off of.  We feel that our other children don’t get the time and attention needed because so much of our time and attention is spent with our child with ADHD and behavioral concerns. The Sibshops will help our other children better understand their sister.”  M.F., Grandparent of Child with ADHD and Emotional/Sensory Dysregulation

“A resource library that has up to date books and resources is very needed.  I have tried to get resources from the public library, but have found that the resources are not up to date.  It would be great to know that the resources that are available would be up to date.  Having access to some assistive technology to try would also be great.  We have spent money on different pieces of technology over the years.  I wish this program would have been available a few years ago.  I also like the idea of it being a lending library.  I like to read up to date resources, but it can be very expensive to buy all of the books.”  K.H., Community Member, has Multiple Sclerosis, Guardian/Parent of Child with Cerebral Palsy, Paraprofessional in the school system


“Having a brother with cerebral palsy can be hard sometimes.  I wish he could do all the things that I do…like riding bike.  I know there are other kids that have brothers with cerebral palsy.  I’m sure they feel the same way.  It would be nice to talk to other kids about what it is like living with a brother with CP.”  R.H., Brother of Child with Cerebral Palsy

“As a physical therapist practicing in the Fargo Moorhead Community, I feel like this organization will provide families that may not qualify for a skilled therapy intervention (but would definitely benefit from) the education and resources necessary to continue healthy independent living.  With the rising numbers of “baby boomers”, organizations like this can offer qualified training and education on strengthening, balance, and fall prevention to ensure safety within their home and community.”  B.A., Physical Therapist

"As a mother to a child whom receives services and a professional who provides these services to children, I am more than confident this program would enhance the lives of the children and their families on many different levels.  The programs offered through the House of Everyday Learning provide a holistic approach to life needs.  This approach not only relates to the child but also the parents, siblings, and extended family. This is something that is needed in this community to improve and support the lives of those whom rise above daily challenges and parents that make these challenges successful."  T.H., Occupational Therapist, Parent of a Child with Sensory Needs