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Camps are open to all abilities!

We strive to make sure our camps are full! However, at times, there are low enrollment numbers resulting in some camps that may be subjected to be cancelled if the minimum enrollment number is not reached.  The camp contacts will reach out to each parent to notify them of the camp's status as soon as numbers for each camp are finalized.

Spring Camps:
Sensational Tykes! Sensory Exploration Camp for Toddlers $180 (6 weeks)

Session 1: Two year olds

Session 2: Three and Four Year olds

This is a camp which will encourage your child to explore their world with all of their senses!

Each week will focus on a specific sensory system through play and socialization. Parents will be provided with information on how their child might be impacted by each sense and given tips and tricks for using these senses as calming tools. Parents encouraged to stay and play!

sensational (2).png
Summer Camps:
SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Social Skills Camp $300 (8 weeks)

Session 1: K-3rd Grade

Session 2: 4-8th Grade

This camp will provide a fun, motivating, and non-threatening way for children to explore their social-emotional thinking and interactions.

Children will increase their knowledge of social expectations, awareness of their own behavior and how to modify their language and actions with flexible strategies. Children that have difficulty monitoring and regulating their own behaviors can benefit from this program. It provides a fun forum in which they can explore their own challenges and identify ways to modify their thoughts, actions, and words in different settings through the use of games, videos, role playing, and working together to complete various activities.

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LET'S GROW OUTSIDE: Nature Camp $150.00 (4 weeks)

Session 1: Preschool Ages

Session 2: Elementary Ages

Grow OuTside uses the amazing benefits of nature to help kids increase self-esteem, spark a love for nature, solve problems,

and socialize with peers.

Grow OuTside is led by Occupational Therapist, Joni, who is known to inspire creativity, laughter and joy to those around her!​

The space that we have available for this camp gives alot of opportunities for children to explore various realms of nature.

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YOUNG ADULT LIVING SKILLS: $440.00 (10 weeks)

Ages 15+  Maximum amount of participants: 5

Participants will develop essential and practical life skills needed to become more independent and take care of themselves with less parental and caregiver support.

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Camp Cancellation: HOEL reserves the right to cancel camps with less than 3 students, depending on enrollment requirements. Occasionally, classes combine ability levels to stay open.


Make-Up Policy: HOEL does not offer makeups for missed classes due to limited class availability. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.

Fall Camps:
Coming Soon!
Community Outreach
Free Screenings

The House of Everyday Learning groups and professional services are provided to families in our community and beyond.  This is made possible with facilitation of these programs through Beyond Boundaries Therapy.  

The community outreach free screenings typically take place off-site on the Mobile Therapy Unit. 

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Therapy with use of Equine Movement

The House of Everyday Learning provides scholarships for the hippotherapy program in partnership with Bison Strides (NDSU).  This is made possible with Beyond Boundaries Therapists using evidence-based practices and clinical reasoning to purposely manipulate the movement of the horse to engage the client’s sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to achieve functional outcomes (American Hippotherapy Association, 2020).

Clients must be at least 2 years old and have no contraindications for mounted equine movement.


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Resource Lending Library

​This program will provide families and professionals accessibility to up-to-date resources and materials free of charge on a lending basis.   

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